Israeli Zionists Genocide against Palestinians with eyes on the Nuremberg Trials

Several charges are brought before the International Court of Justice against the occupier Israel about their treatment of Palestinians in their country Palestine. Palestine is an ancient country known as a trading port for Egypt, China, Persia with destinations on the Mediterranean and south along the Nile River. It dates back over 7,000 years BCE. Palestine is also know for it's agricultural products well enough for feeding the local population and trading. Contrary to the Hollywood version of the Israelite's the Jews moved north from Ethiopia after being kicked out of the country.

The British Empire occupied Palestine as it did many countries. As the Empire began to crumble it signed a single document known as the Balfour Agreement in 1917 handing over the occupation of Palestine to a Zionist group made up of wealthy Jews from Europe who wanted a Jewish State. Zionism differs greatly from Judaism. Jews practicing Judaism lived side by side with the people of Palestine for two or more millennium.

The Balfour Agreement however used the term national home for the Jewish people as opposed to Jewish State. The Tribunal will not question whether it was a national home or state. It will look at the damage done to the indigenous people of Palestine known as Arab Palestinians.

Centuries of colonialism by the British, French, Spanish, Dutch and others is recognized as a painful act of removing people from their land and homes. The British and government of the United States supplied weapons of war to the Zionist Jews during World War II. The weapons were used to forcefully remove almost 800,000 Palestinians from their homeland Palestine in 1948. It is known as the Palestinian Nakba.


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