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Canadian Federal Election Results 2015

Every Canadian should beware you are using American corporations to post your thoughts about the upcoming election in October. Twitter began purging individual Canadian accounts at a high rate in August 2019.

Suspended, temporary suspension, temporary restricted or banned are common attacks on Canadians expressing their thoughts and opinions. It is done without the user being told why it has happened. The email points to the vague and rambling clutter of nonsensical words called Community Guidelines.

All headings in the guidelines has an ever expanding sub-category. However, it is Canadian account holders Twitter is making a point to shut down, by meddling in our election.

An additional link points to Rules and Policies only applicable without reason(s) being given. Twitter considers all of the rules, guidelines and policies aiming towards a healthy conversation. Having held an account for over ten years many good conversations took place until a month ago.

Once a Canadian election is in the air the chats and comments become more intense. Twitter's artificial intelligence system is setup to handle reported accounts by people who for the most part are far right extremists and religious fanatics. These groups are de-humanizing every time they comment by posting another mythical lie.

With the election of Kenney in Alberta under the Wildrose Party disguised as United Conservatives, Twitter added religious values to the machine. Here's an example of how fast a comment is called hate speech:


Twitter Meddling in the Canadian Federal Election

Anyone who reads online or off-line media knows this topic is posted almost daily. The diminishing Canadian online media often have links to Twitter embedded in articles. With the Federal Election this year be careful with links to Twitter.

Twitter disallows automated behaviour for an individual tweeting fifteen times a day. Each of these accounts tweet 600 hundred times per hour in favour of Andrew Scheer. Artificial so-called intelligence cannot find these paid accounts opened a few months ago.



Of the four hundred Canadian citizens who formed a small group over the past 10 years only three have active accounts today. We live everywhere in Canada and are a diverse group who love to ask questions and poke fun at politicians. Twitter believes asking questions is against the rules.

Others have sent messages to me reporting they have also been suspended or banned from Twitter. With the Canadian election being called on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 Twitter has already proven they are meddling in our Canadian election. 27 percent of Canadians use Twitter as a part of their online social media platforms.

Please consider the number of voters Twitter will censor before you use Twitter for information during the election campaign.

Here is a glance at my Twitter audience.


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