What Do You Know about Propaganda?


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Lesson One

We will begin with a few simple facts hidden from you by our governments. You are currently being misled into a  campaign of hate by the media meant to derail honest discussions. The western media in particular have side-tracked important issues concerning our future.

Let’s get into lesson one about Propaganda

How many vehicles do you own? How many kilometers do you drive per year and what is the cost of your fuel consumption?

Developers are building what I call mini-castles as a family home. Do you need 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms? You might find room to plant a flower beside the 2 or 3 car garage.

The best calculator I was able to find is from The National Geographic website. It gives you a glance at your foot print on our planet.

Give it a try since it is one of the few things really free on the Internet. Everything else is cluttered with ways to save money by spending it called advertising.

This ends lesson one on how propaganda is used every day.

NATO Aggression by Christopher Black

General Breedlove, Chief of Staff of the American European Command gave an address to the Ministry of Defence of Georgia, announcing new American-British-Georgian military exercises to be conducted in May this year under the code-name under the code-name Noble Partner 2016.

General Breedlove’s absurd characterization of what is reality can be laughed at, but this is the propaganda being fed to his forces and the people in the west, chained to a media controlled by the NATO intelligence services.

A string of mysterious bombings and shootings happened during the past months, in America and Europe. We are told they were committed by ISIS-linked terrorists with only two visible results. 1. An increase of state surveillance, and control of the people, who are increasingly demoralized. 2. NATO’s justification for more violence against Syria, in order to eliminate the terrorists they created, armed and trained.

Russia’s role in crushing ISIS in Syria along with the Syrian Amy and its other allies from Iran to Hezbollah is erased from the western media narrative or worse, said to be “complicating matters,” meaning that the victory over the ISIS forces has made the American war against the Syrian government more complicated.

They are quite open about it and now to try to undermine that victory, by putting out false information, that Russia agreed with the Americans to push President Assad aside.

Mainstream Media ignores What the Corporate State wants Ignored

Syria and Russia are allies. Disinformation is used to create suspicion between Syria and Russia and demoralize the Syrian Armed Forces.

This writer received a letter from the Canadian Minister of Defence, in response to a query, about the legality of Canada’s bombing of Syria. He attached a letter from the Canadian ambassador to the President of the Security Council of the United Nations. The letter is revealing. It attempts to justify Canada’s participation in the aggression against Syria. It states in part, the United States and Canada are bombing Syria because

“…. States must be able to act in self-defence when the Government of the State where a threat is located is unwilling or unable to prevent attacks emanating from its territory.”

Of course ISIS poses no threat to Canada, though they claim it. More importantly, the government of Syria and its allies are forcefully and effectively willing to prevent such attacks. But the successes and victories of the Syrian government since Russia became actively engaged in Syria are completely ignored.

The letter ends with an even more telling statement;

“Canada’s military actions against ISIL in Syria…. are not aimed at the Syrian people, nor do they entail support for the Syrian regime.”

The use of the word regime is always an indicator that those bombing a country want to overthrow that regime. The word is used to degrade the legitimate government and portray it as illegitimate. NATO started using it as a propaganda device in all their aggression’s since Yugoslavia.


The distortions of the facts contained in the letter are consistent with the statement of other NATO leaders from London to Berlin. Read in context, the letter is tantamount, to a declaration of war against Syria. It confirms Canada’s subservient role to the American generals like Breedlove who roam the planet planning new conquests.

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Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto, he is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and he is known for a number of high-profile cases involving human rights and war crimes.